Trophy Wildlife Supplements - Molasses Block

For years now Iíve been trying to find a decent mineral supplement to not only attract, but hold deer in a certain area year round. Iíve tried salt and mineral blocks like you feed cattle, jars of peanut butter, pourable liquids, and other homemade potions. While all have shown some success nothing has shown the quick success for me like the Molasses Block that Trophy Whitetail Supplements puts out.

I contacted Bill Hillis who founded the company and asked if heíd be willing to donate a product sample for us to evaluate and one to give away to a lucky viewer. I never heard anything back, but one day I came home and on the steps were two Molasses Blocks. Mr. Hillis liked the idea and had shipped us two samples. I contacted him right away and told him that weíd get right on his product review.

I had thought that I would just place the Molasses Block out at an area that I had been seeing deer frequent, but in an effort to see if the product really worked I decided to put it at a brand new stand location. I removed the contents from the packaging and placed the block, which is 25 pounds by the way, on an old wooden ladder that had been left by a hunter from long ago. I was unable to remove all of the packaging as suggested because the product is very sticky. I like that though because dense and sticky means long product life in the elements. I hung up a trail camera and left the area for one week.

A week later I went back to the block and could see noticeable evidence of consumption. I removed the camera and took it home to hook up to the computer. Multiple deer had been using the block since the day I had put it out. I was amazed. Even with the two inches of heavy rain that we had during the week the block had held up to my expectations. At the end of this article you can see the pictures of the deer using the Molasses Block. (if they arenít up now, they soon will be-we are still under construction)

Not only is the Molasses Block a tasty apple flavored and sugar filled product it also is packed full of vitamins and minerals that deer need for antler growth and well being. Thatís a big plus when choosing a product. The smell of the block is intense as well. I would imagine thatís how the deer found it so fast. It actually looks like a big homemade brownie. Itís packed full of corn and other feed as well.

Trophy Whitetail Supplements also features other products including the Deer Block and Deer Mineral Block. Hangers are included in case you donít want to feed from the ground. Each product is under $15 making it affordable to anyone. To get your own Trophy Whitetail Supplements visit Enter to win free gear here and you may just win a Molasses Block.

If you have a product that youíd like us to review shoot us an email and weíll be glad to do it.